Advise Technologies Releases TIC Form Filing Software

Advise Technologies, an industry leading provider of regulatory reporting software, is pleased to announce the addition of TIC Form D and TIC Form SHC to the growing list of TIC Form offeringson its Consensus RMS platform.

With the addition of TIC Form D and TIC Form SHC, Consensus RMS now supports over 20 global regulatory filings for investment managers, including AIFMD Annex IV, Form PF, Form ADV, and PRIIPs KID. By enabling the use of one set of data across all filings, Consensus RMS ensures consistency and operational efficiency.

“The expanded capabilities of Consensus RMS support the ‘regulation factory’ approach many firms are now favoring,” said Adam Capon, Managing Director and Head of Client Services at Advise. “Coming up with a new process each time a regulation goes into force or is amended doesn’t make sense. Firms need a repeatable process.”

Consensus RMS allows firms to prepare, manage, and store all relevant regulatory information on one system. It includes assistive workflow processes, such as regulatory validations and electronic submission.

TIC Forms (Treasury International Capital Forms) are reports used by the U.S. Treasury to gather information on U.S. cross-border positions. An entity may be required to periodically submit one or more of the forms depending on the type of entity it is and the types of cross-border assets/instruments it holds or transacts in. Specifically, TIC Form D is filed by those in Derivatives markets and TIC Form SHC is filed by U.S. owners of foreign securities.

Over a dozen TIC forms are available on the U.S. Treasury website. Each form has a unique set of reporting frequencies, deadlines, and thresholds, which makes organization and accuracy of these reports a growing concern for investment managers.

About Consensus RMS

Consensus Regulatory Management System is an award-winning platform used by investment managers for a repeatable, reliable, and automated filing process. Consensus RMS includes filing capabilities for regulatory forms including AIFMD, CPO-PQR, Form PF, Open Protocol, Solvency II, 13F, and TIC.

About Advise Technologies

Advise Technologies is a premier provider of reporting and compliance software for investment managers. With four flagship products – Consensus, Notes, Signal, and Vault – it provides innovative solutions to the regulatory and operational challenges faced by clients. Advise was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in New York with offices in major European financial centers.

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