Trans-Atlantic Swaps Rift Spurs U.S. Market-Damage Concerns

U.S. rules start Sept. 1, while EU regulations slated for 2017 CFTC chairman says agency plans to stick to original deadline The European Union’s decision to postpone collateral rules for swaps is putting pressure on U.S. regulators to follow suit to avoid rupturing the $493 trillion market dominated by the world’s biggest banks. The European […]

CFTC Hosts Regulation AT Roundtable; Chairman Implies Risk Rules Sufficient for 2016

Staff of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission sponsored a roundtable on proposed Regulation Automated Trading last Friday. The roundtable addressed five topics: amendments to the proposed definition to direct electronic access (important to trigger the possible registration of a new class of algorithmic traders as floor traders); quantitative measures to establish the population of persons […]