Former Downtown Nightclub Bouncer Arrested on Charges of Operating Illegal Steroid Lab out of His Oak Lawn Home

An Oak Lawn man was arrested today on federal charges that he imported anabolic steroids from China and distributed them to large-scale suppliers in the Chicago area. JOSEPH T. PALERMO, 33, imported anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and pharmaceuticals from outside the United States for approximately five years, according to a federal criminal complaint and […]

Economic liberalization under political authoritarianism: Is it sustainable for Zimbabwe?

Does the type of a government have a causal effect on economic performance? A number of scholars have written on this subject in an endeavour to establish a causal relationship between democracy and economic development. There are various and diverse analytic propositions on the subject. Some scholars have attempted to downplay this correlation. However, prevalent […]

NASAA: States Levied $174M in Fines, $400M in Restitution in 2014

Private placement offerings, real estate investments and crowdfunding were ripe areas for fraud, state securities regulators reported Investigations and enforcement actions performed by state securities regulators in 2014 resulted in $405 million in restitution to investors — mostly elderly investors — as well as $174 million in fines and prison sentences of 1,629 years. Those […]