ZUNDE’s proposal for national agenda

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) exists to build a democratic society in the Republic of Zimbabwe in which every citizen shall enjoy freedom, equality and prosperity.

We cherish and uphold the shrines and the spirits of all our genuine national heroes who died in the fight for and in defence of our nation.

ZUNDE recognizes that the fight for our liberation was a people’s struggle which cannot and must not be claimed or owned by any one group, political party or organization.

We believe in a cross-generational approach in navigating a lasting solution to Zimbabwe’s protracted crisis. In this regard, it is our conviction that each generation brings some unique value to this national agenda.

ZUNDE reaches out to Zimbabweans scattered around the globe who for one reason or another were displaced by a cruel dictatorship. It is our wish to re-unite and rebuild families that have been pulled apart by decades of tyranny. It is time to join hands and reclaim our dignity, humanity and freedom. This has been our consistent message since October 2013 when we came into being. Frequent replication of our messages by other actors in this struggle is, for us, a humbling development.

To create a democratic, peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe based on equal opportunity, involvement and participation for all our people regardless of race, colour, creed, political, religious or any other orientation.

To organise ourselves in order to eradicate the dictatorship that has enslaved us and reduced us to a life of poverty, perpetual servitude and disregard of our fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Our ideology
ZUNDE believes a nexus of neo-liberal and social democracy presents the best solution for Zimbabwe.

Values – FAIR
ZUNDE advocates the politics of values anchored by;

Fairness and equal opportunity for all in social justice, rule of law, respect for the sanctity of life and individual choice.

Accountability by all institutions of government and all matters involving state actors.

Inclusiveness in order for every citizen or resident of Zimbabwe to have the right to participate in and be consulted on all matters of national importance.

Respect for the divergence of views and diversity of all Zimbabweans irrespective of their social, racial, religious or political background. Traditional and religious leadership shall be fully recognised as custodians of social fabric and moral values. The rights of minority communities shall be upheld and protected.

ZUNDE strongly believes in good governance and true constitutionalism. We aim to establish institutions of governance based on modern public management systems, principles and models that are in step with worldwide developments. In the new Zimbabwe we intent to create, citizens will enjoy equality, corruption shall attract severe censure and punishment.

Our motivation
“I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realised. But, My Lord, if it needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” – Nelson Mandela, 1964.

Our motto
We are our own liberators, FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION.

Our Socio-economic proposal – RISE

We seek to:
Revive our economy
Inspire our people
Sustain our democracy
Enrich our nation

Our key policy positions
The following is a synopsis of our key policy proposals that shall be expanded and refined at the appropriate time with input from relevant stakeholders including experts in respective fields. At ZUNDE, we don’t claim to know it all:

Government & the office of president
ZUNDE believes in a streamlined, efficient and effective government whose size shall be proportionate to both our economy and population. While we recognise and cherish the experience and wisdom of our elders, we don’t believe that anybody who is 75 years or above should run for the office of president. The president shall also cease to be the centre of power.

Security Sector
The security sector shall cease to be an extension of ZANU PF or any political body and shall revert to its constitutional mandate. Those who want to pursue other interests or careers including politics are free to do so but MUST first take off the national uniform and move out of the barracks and camps. All past transgressions shall be conclusively and fairly addressed within the context of justice, healing and reconciliation. Recruitment and promotion shall be based on merit alone.

Displaced Persons & Diaspora
ZUNDE believes that every Zimbabwean, no matter where they are domiciled, should have the right to government services, protection and participation in national affairs. This includes the right to vote, own property at home and return. Dual citizenship as provided for in the national Constitution is non-negotiable. All those who were displaced by years of political madness under ZANU PF’s misrule shall be assisted with resettlement and reconstruction of their lives.

Atrocities & Human Rights Abuses
Atrocities like Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Mavhoterapapi and all other human rights abuses shall be investigated and appropriate action taken. A truth and reconciliation inquiry shall be commissioned to determine appropriate remedial action for both victims and perpetrators.

Land Reform
Land reform is unfinished business. ZUNDE will embark on a transparent and sustainable Land Reform program which restores economic value to our land. We believe that land is a national economic asset and not a partisan political tool. We shall guarantee security of tenure to restore viability and productivity. Land-related crime shall attract appropriate censure. A Land Commission shall handle claims for compensation and other land related disputes to ensure justice for those who have been unfairly treated by years of tyranny.

Corruption, Looting & Economic Crime
ZUNDE is an advocate for an independent commission of inquiry to investigate corruption and tax fraud and avoidance with the objective of recovering the loot and bringing concerned individuals or institutions to account. Anybody who aspires for public office will be required to declare his/her assets at five year intervals and account for any subsequent accumulation of the same.

Democratic Coalitions
ZUNDE was among the first to propose the unity of all genuine democracy activists. Our position is that all genuine democrats must unite on the basis of dismantling the dictatorship and not just to accommodate individuals. Values and service must be the epicentre of any serious coalition.

National Elections
ZUNDE will apply pressure on all relevant organs and institutions so that elections in Zimbabwe are run according to SADC norms, standards and rules of which Zimbabwe is signatory. The international community shall be welcome to observe our elections if they so wish, we have nothing to hide.

Regional Development
ZUNDE will promote fair and equitable development of all regions in Zimbabwe. National wealth must benefit all Zimbabweans.

Human Rights
ZUNDE respects the fundamental rights of citizens and residents as enshrined in the national Constitution, especially the right of assembly and association. We shall ensure that the rule of law shall prevail in all aspects of life and the State and its agencies must be the guardians of the rule of law.

Traditional Leaders
ZUNDE believes in restoration of the dignity and role of traditional leaders as enshrined in the national Constitution. Leaders who want to participate in politics shall be required to relinquish their traditional roles.

Citizens have the freedom of worship and to practice a religion of their choice. No person shall be forced to belong to any religion.

Economic Revival
ZUNDE shall embark on a vigorous program to revive the economy. Agriculture shall be transformed to focus on productivity and viability. Fresh investment shall be actively encouraged and promoted. In this regard, all forms of restrictions shall be removed. There shall be a serious thrust to create employment for several of our employable people roaming the streets. Those who want to farm must farm, those who want to go to work, must have the option to do so. We refuse to turn every Zimbabwean into a farmer.

ZUNDE’s proposal for national agenda – Bulawayo24 News

Our primary objective
To bring together all progressive forces fighting for democracy including the following groups and bodies:

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